Weed – Wax and Cannabinoids

Know Your Medicine
Courtesy of SOURCE:Marijuana.com News


Killer Types Of THC Concentrates
Kief is easily the most fundamental concentrate, and also the essence of all of the others. Kief is just the resin glands/trichomes in the plant, shaken off and collected in dust form. For those who have allergic reactions, be cautious using this concentrate. It may make you sneezing and itchiness! The very best utilization of kief, for me, is really as a good accessory for within a great joint or blunt, but it is also accustomed to make hash.
Hash is easily the most ancient marijuana concentrate and most likely probably the most broadly used. At some point in the centre East, hash is made by looking into making slaves run naked with the cannabis fields after which scraping their physiques for those collected product. Ouch! Nowadays, most hash has been made utilizing a process known as cold water extraction, but is often as simple as pressing the kief into solid form.
Getting your hash examined for potency and microbiological is essential. Because hash is frequently created using water, it may become an atmosphere for conforms otherwise correctly healed. And because of its extended shelf existence, hash could be saved for too lengthy, leading to the cannabinoids to degrade and transform. With nevertheless, good cold water hash may have 35%-45% THC and incredibly low moisture, if any whatsoever.

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